Our Venue

Our meetings are held in the side room of Anthony’s Place, a cosy restaurant located in the heart of Madrid, in between San Bernardo and Bilbao metro stations. It is a large room, with capacity for 25 to 30 people that fits most of our needs. When a special event is organized and we expect more participans we use the larger saloon in the same restaurant.

The environment is very relaxed and before and after the meetings we like to have a few beers or soft drinks in the bar. If you decide to come as a guest, drop by the bar a few minutes earlier and take the opportunity to chat with the members before the metting. You are of course welcome to join afterwards too!

Anthony's Place - Map


Restaurant adress: Calle Sandoval, 16, 28010 Madrid
Metro Stations: Bilbao (Line 1 and Line 4) and San Bernardo (Line 2 and Line 4)
Bus: 21 and 147.