Table Topics Master – Advices

As Table Topic Master your role is to prepare a Table Topic session that helps the members to practice impromptu speeches. You should look for a topic that allows the participants to speak about it, although don’t put it too simple either ;-).

One of the goals of the Table Topic session is to give the opportunity to speak to those members that have not participated in the meeting previously. Yous should pick your participants among those members that don’t have a role in the meeting. If this is not possible because there are not enough members without a role, you can call members with a role, but try not to call the speakers. We prefer not to call guests as they may not feel comfortable. Also try not to request for volunteers, as one of the main tasks of the Table Topic Master is to pick the participants.

Depending on the Toastmaster of the Day, you may need to explain the goals of the Table Topics session at the beginning of the session, so better prepare a quick explanation just in case you are called. Remember that the main goal is to practice impromptu speeches. Speakers have to talk between 1 and 2 minutes, and they should try to create a “small speech”, trying to use a speech structure if possible (opening-body-conclusion).

Try to explain clearly your Table Topic session to the audience, read each question so that the participants and audience understand the topic of each participant.

Last but not least, if you have a mentor ask him/her for advice about your role, about the club, and about any other doubt that you may have regarding Toastmasters. Don’t wait for him/her to contact you! 🙂

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