Our Members

After MeetingToastmasters International’s members are what make this non-profit organization unique. People from all over the world, and from all backgrounds, get together to improve their communication and leadership skills. Through Toastmasters International’s worldwide network of clubs, participants can meet fellow members who share their values, and who also want to improve their skills in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Members enjoy helping others grow by offering feedback and tips on how to become better speakers and leaders.

Toastmasters Madrid is the oldest club in Spain and our meetings are held in English. You may ask yourself, what are our members like? What made them join our club?

  • All of our members have a true interest in Public Speaking and in learning how to feel more confident in front of an audience.  Most of us realized at some point in our lives that we needed to improve our skills. If you ask any of our members they will be glad to tell you their reasons for joining: these may be to do with work-related interviews on the radio, presenting university projects, participating in medical conventions, teaching adult students, asking investors for money for a new start-up….
  • The previous skills in public speaking of our members before joining the club are very varied. Some may have been very experienced, while others may have been uneasy giving their first speeches. Toastmasters offers different programs that adapt to the speaker’s abilities so everyone can keep growing as a speaker no matter what their level is.
  • Our members know how hard it can be when you first start speaking in public, and since they can relate to this they listen, encourage, and always give great tips on how to improve your skills.Picture by Ben
  • We are probably one of the most culturally diverse clubs in Madrid. Our members come from countries like USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Philippines, Bulgaria, Holland, Russia, India, Greece, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Romania, Nigeria…
  • In our club you can find people of all ages and professional backgrounds: entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, college students, engineers, designers, translators, teachers, sales representatives, consultants, researchers… Everyone can find their place in Toastmasters Madrid and everyone can benefit from this very diverse professional network.
  • Miguel BartolomeOur members are able to communicate fluently in English: some use English regularly for work, some have lived abroad and others are native speakers. Our meetings are exclusively held in English and the goal of our club is that our members master public speaking and develop as leaders. Therefore, we recommend our prospective members have a conversational level of English so that language will not be a barrier in their development.
  • The positive and welcoming atmosphere of our club has led to great friendships and helped create networks those who are new to Madrid. And if you ask any of our members, they will say it is a great way of learning while having fun.