Weren’t you able to attend our June 17th meeting? If that’s the case, keep reading to know what you missed.

Being an international group means that our guest usually come from all over the world. This time we had people from US, New Zealand, Colombia and of course some Spanish people. Around 30 people filled Anthony’s place back room.

John was the Toastmaster of the Day. He chose music as the general theme for the meeting, but accidentally, motivation became the common thread of the session. In any case, we got Pink Floyd playing during all the evaluation pauses.

Christian introduced us to Napoleon Hill work: “the Law of Success”. A book aimed to identify the secret of the success of self-made rich men as Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. Something worthy to be checked out!

Raquel explained us who the new club officers are. Quite impressive team, to be honest. We are taking our new members development so seriously that we have now two VP of Mentorship.

alberto-karateThe two main Speakers of the day were Alberto and Eric. Alberto’s “Earn your Black Belt” speech inspired us to remember that “where there is a will, there is a way”. Rely on your internal energy and do not give up. Eric’s “Chants, affirmations, songs… and haka” electrified our unconscious mind. Eric started with an impressive haka that left us breathless and I mean all of us, including him. But 2 minutes later he was singing, could you believe it?

Eva and Julian were the speeches evaluators. Both of them demonstrated why feedback is the heart of the Toastmasters Educational program.

Finally, Jane, Benito, Pablo, and Alex were the “victims” of Juliet, the table topic master. She made them communicate difficult information while motivating the audience. Could you imagine having to explain in your company that a new company rule force employees to dress according to their salary?

Written by Javier.