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Every meeting in Toastmasters Madrid is made out of the participation of a number of people, taking different roles. All roles are present in every meeting, so it is very useful to have an idea of what is every role about.

Toastmaster of the Day Also known as Master of Ceremonies. The TM of the Day is the person that leads the meeting throughout its agenda, welcoming every participant at the stage, and welcoming the guests in the beginning of the meeting. It is one of the most critical roles for the final outcome of the meeting.
Grammarian, Uh-Ah Counter and Word of the Day The Grammarian in Toastmasters Madrid entails three different roles: one is paying attention to the Grammar used by the different participants (Grammarian), another one is counting the number of filler word them (Uh-Ah Counter), and lastly select a word, explain it and encourage its use by the speakers (Word of the Day).
It is important to highlight that the use of filler words has an associated penalty of 0,10€ each, which can be discounted by using the word of the day. The collected money by these means are then donated to someone in Kiva.
Timekeeper The timekeeper is in charge of auditing the time employed by each speaker, and give them visual signs (by means of a traffic light) at certain points during their intervention. If the speakers go beyond 30 seconds the alloted time, the timekeeper will stop the speech by starting to clap.
Speaker The core of the meeting is the prepared speeches. Following any of the manuals in Toastmasters, the speakers have prepared their speech at home and deliver it in order to receive feedback from the rest of the group.
Evaluator All prepared speeches have an evaluator assigned, who after carefully listening to the speech prepares an oral evaluation that is delivered as a speech for the benefit of the evaluator itself (who delivers a speech based on his noteS), the speaker (who receives direct feedback from his speech), and the rest of the members who learn from both the speaker and the evaluation.
Table Topics Master Table Topics is the part of our meetings were we develop our abilities to think on our feet, by delivering improptu speeches. The Table Topics Master leads this part of the meeting, and is responsible for looking for topics to ask to other participants who shall also be wisely chosen (normally people who have not taken any other role in the meeting).
Table Topics Evaluator Responsible to evaluate the Table Topics session as a whole, and in particular, providing feedback to the Table Topics Master and the Table Topics participants.
General Evaluator The general evaluator task is to evaluate the meeting, and those who have not been previously evaluated. The goal is to make everybody improve in every meeting, regardless of the role they have, and to allow the rest to learn of the ones who have participated, by highlighting the good things, and the areas for improvement.

Agenda + ManualIf you are going to have one of these roles and want some advice, please head to our Members Area for some good tips.


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