Leadership Track

The Leadership Track develops your leadeship skills while participating in the daily activity of the club, as for instance performing the different meeting roles, such as Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Timer, or Grammarian; or organizing a club event (contest), a marketing campaign, etc.

The Competent Leader Manual starts with 10 independent project each focusing on a key leadership skill. (For example: planning and implementation, Motivation or giving feedback). After completion of the manual your are eligible for the Competent Leader (CL) award.

Competent Leadership Manual
Project Title Objectives
1 – Listening and Leadership
  • Determine your current listening skills
  • Identify the seven steps to better listening
  • Practice listening skills in various club meeting roles
 2 – Critical Thinking
  • Determine your current thinking skills
  • Practice critical thinking skills in carious club roles
 3 – Giving Feedback
  • Determine your current skills in giving feedback
  • Identify the steps in giving feedback effectively
  • Practice giving feedback as you serve in various meeting roles
 4 – Time Management
  • Determine your current time-management skills
  • Identify steps to effectively manage time
  • Practice time-management skills in various club roles
 5 – Planning And Implementation
  • Determine current planning and implementation skills
  • Identify steps in the planning and implementation process
  • Practice planning and implementation skills in various club roles
 6 – Organising And Delegating
  • Determine current skills in organising and delegating
  • Identify steps in the organisation and delegation process
  • Practice skills in organising and delegating during various club meetings
 7 – Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  • Determine your present facilitation abilities
  • Identify facilitation strategies
  • Practice facilitation skills in various meeting roles
 8 – Motivating People
  • Determine your current motivational skills
  • Identify conditions that motivate people
  • Practice motivational skills while serving in club roles
 9 – Mentoring
  • Determine your current mentoring skills
  • Identify the steps in being a good mentor
  • Practice mentoring skills in various club roles
 10 – Team Building
  • Determine your current team-building skills
  • Identify the steps in building a team
  • Practice team building skills while serving in various club roles

Then, by accomplishing additional sets of Leadership requirements (serving as an officer, delivering Education speeches, carrying out a High Leadership Project, …), you can be eligible for Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) and Advanced Leader Gold (ALG) awards.

Finally, if you have become ALG, and have also completed the Communication Track, you are automatically entitled to be Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the top award at Toastmasters.

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