Last meeting in January

Attina opened the meeting leaded by Nacho acting as Toastmaster of the Day. In my 6 months in Toastmasters this was the best one I have ever attended. Absolutely impressive! No doubt that the club, the oldest not only in Madrid but in Spain, is becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, the number of guests overcame the number of members.
Garth and Cristina came to the stage to explain their respective roles as Grammarian and Timekeeper providing support to the leader and members performing. After that, a short introduction with the “Book of the day” by Javier B.
IMG_3525The main body of the meeting consisted of three formal speeches delivered by Ana Díez, Maximilian Bergauer and Lucian Riestra. Well done colleagues! I am sure that all of us enjoyed them all and learned about body language, conflicts resolution and speech evaluation. Then, part of the toastmasters expertise: Navinya, Javier A and Mabel gave a well structured feed back that complemented the attendees personal views and opinions.
As usual, the second part of the meeting was focused on table topics and impromptu speeches acting Luis Pérez as Master. Due to time limitations only three members took part in the session, however short it was short but an excellent opportunity to show improvisation skills specially from Max. And eventually, the colourful and inspiring global evaluation by Benito.
Did you think of the real benefit of the meeting? Undoubtedly each of us got something valuable for himself. In my opinion we could benefit from three main issues:
1. A multicultural atmosphere with members and guests from different nationalities able to communicate and learn together.
2. The possibility of taking an active part in a meeting and improving our communication and leadership skills.
3. The chance to go further as there will be another meeting soon to practice more and more. Perfection does not exist, there is always room for improvement.

Written by Rosario