Committee Officers Roles

The Executive Committee of a Toastmasters club consists of all seven official club officers, plus the immediate past president.

The Club President serves as the Executive Committee chair. Working as a team, the executive committee manages all business and administrative affairs of the club.

The officers’ functions are basically the following:

  • VP Education: organization of meeting agendas, follow up of all member’s progress.
  • VP Membership: informing guests and attracting new members to the club. Giving the first steps for a new member’s enrolment.
  • VP Public Relations: organizing events, spreading information about the club.
  • Secretary: dealing with club’s formalities (meeting minutes, reports, etc)
  • Treasurer: managing the finances of the club. Collecting fees, paying dues to TMI, buying materials, etc.
  • Sergeant at Arms: organizing all logistic aspects of the club (venue set up, ensuring enough supplies available, etc)
  • Immediate Past President: offering support based on past experience when needed.

This club has additional officers that are not always present in other clubs, such as:

  • IT Support: taking care of all issues related to the website, online platform, online communications, etc.
  • VP Mentorship: ensuring that every member has access to a mentor and encouraging mentors to take an active attitude.

Serving as an officer is one of the additional experiences that Toastmasters can offer to a member. Any member can choose to serve as an officer, and normally people are welcome to join the Executive Committee as an advisor at any time. Being an officer in Toastmasters is a very direct way of putting into practice leadership and organizational skills, and it is also very rewarding at personal level.

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